FAQ section/ How to place your order

Can I order a 4’ bento cake?
Yessss. However, we only make the 4’ bento cake on weekend (Friday-Sunday)
We stop taking orders for bento cake the day before pickup at 17:00. You can pre-order up to 2 weeks in advance

How do we pick up?
Orders will be prepared on your selected day.
It will be placed at Fuji Dépanneur, 333 Ave du Président Kennedy, H3A2K2, Montreal.
Please provide your name and order number to the cashier at the store. He or she will guide you to your order.

Do you make bigger cake?
Yes! We also make
6' cake for roughly 4-6 people
8' cake for roughly 7-12people
Please give us at least 2 days notice and you can pre-order up to 4 weeks in advance.

Can we customize cake?
Yes, we are open to customization but with certain restriction:
1. We do NOT allow selecting fruit. You can ask what kind of fruit we currently have and remove the ones you dislike. However, fruits are seasonal. Sourcing certain fruit at their off season is almost impossible.
2. We cannot offer drawing of any pictures that has copyrights.

How long does the cake last?
We try to make the cakes and ingredients as fresh as possible. However, it is always the best to consume the day of purchase. All cakes with whipped crème de chantilly should be consumed within 3 days. Cookies should be consumed within a week.

Do you deliver?
We have stopped offering delivery for now. Please consider using Fantuan pickup or Ubereats. :)


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